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Get your new build home inspected for faults

New home snagging lists from RM Creative Construction

When you buy a new build, you would expect everything to be perfect, but this isn’t always the case. It is common for new builds to have several defects that need to be addressed. We call this a snagging list.  With our experience over the years, it has become apparent that the build quality and craftmanship of new homes has deteriorated. 

Let our experts help you identify any defaults in your new home.

New Home Inspections: Services
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What is a snagging list?

A snagging list is an inspection that focuses on identifying any parts of the property that show substandard workmanship, do not meet the required specification, pose a health risk or do not comply with legal requirements. A snagging list is also advisable after having an extension to a property or large renovation. Finding these faults early can prevent things escalating and having them compiled in a report gathered by our professional team can add legitimacy to claims against the site agents or building company. Call us to discuss your needs.

What do we check in our snagging list inspection?

Our expert team will thoroughly inspect your new build property looking for potential issues and present them to you in an easy-to-understand format. During the inspection we will check the overall quality of workmanship including the following:


- Roof                                           

- Chimney                                     

- Brickwork                                     

- Facias / Guttering                     

- Rainwater Pipes / Grids             

- Windows​

- Boundaries


- Electrics

- Carpentry

- Kitchen

- Bathroom

- Painting & Decorating

If faults are found during the inspection, we can then liaise with the site agents or building company on your behalf to arrange for repairs. To discuss your needs and arrange a visit call or email us in Manchester today.

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New build home inspection from £150

Property snagging lists

Prices may vary depending on the size of the property. To get you free no obligation quote please contact us.

New build home inspections from a trusted local company in Manchester, contact RM Creative Construction today.

New Home Inspections: Price List
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