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Get your property health checked with a “Home MOT” by our experts

You MOT your car every year, but when did you last check the condition of your property?

For most of us a house is one of the largest purchases we will make. Yet once we own our home it can be all too easy to not think of its condition until something goes wrong. The idea of our Home MOT is to prevent problems becoming too serious by catching them before they escalate. By having regular property health inspections, you will then be aware of what work is needed.

Get in touch with our team to learn more. If you have a new build home, we have a dedicated inspection for you too.

Home MOTs: Services
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Protect your home

By having a Home MOT, we can inspect your property from top to bottom and make expert judgements about its condition. If we do find any areas of concern, we will provide advice about what repairs should be prioritised to protect your home from further damage. Alongside our advice, we will also provide a price estimation. These estimates are not to give a definitive cost, but rather to set the expectation of what the cost range would be, empowering you to get a fair price for the repairs within your budget. To get the health of your property inspected contact our team today.

What do we inspect?

During your property health inspection, we will inspect all the major components of your home including:

- Roof                                             

- Chimney                                      

- Facias / Guttering                   

- Rainwater Pipes / Grids             

- Windows​                                   

- Boundaries                                 
- Electrics

- Kitchen

- Bathroom

- Damp / condensate levels

- Floor Structures

This detailed report will contain all the information you need to protect your home from damage and prioritise work.

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Home MOT surveys from £150

Property Health Inspections

Prices may vary depending on the size of the property. To get you free no obligation quote please contact us.

Ensure the health of your property with a Home MOT from
RM Creative Construction

Home MOTs: Price List
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